BDSM Porno

Bullwhipped Bastard


Irene invitations her mate over to watch and participate in a bullwhipping/physical self-discipline consultation! The outlet gig options marionette Dave in the wrong way up suspension braving the trials of belly flogging with vast cock and ball torture, dual caning, predicament bondage restrain bondage, and paddling. He’s elevated proper facet up in close to suspension, and a special electrified cell is used to torture his bundle. He’s corrected with a nylon spanking paddle and cane. He’s then held over the penalty cell to obtain a caning from a unmarried hindquarters, sign, after which a singletail whip. Observe sparks fly and crimson physically cream load. Her mate is invited to release into him with a intense spanking paddle two times. Irene wears an East German border guard jacket, matching hat, dark-hued leather-based custom-built harness, dark-hued girdle and silver shoes and gloves. Her mate wears denim and a dark-hued knit best.

Date: September 23, 2023