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Goddess Daphne Fulfills A Wish


This fortunate dude will get to fulfill a instructor he all the time had the hots for again in school, however he was once all the time too panicked to chat to as a result of anklebiter was once too stringent. Now that he's a grown boy with a role and the whole thing he idea he'd have the ability to get into her underpants extra lightly, particularly eyeing how anklebiter's misplaced a few of her appears over time, however he made one grave miscalculation, anklebiter's no longer only a stringent instructor, anklebiter's a stringent domme as smartly, female domination instructor with top high-heeled slippers and a lot of practice in making boys pray her to allow them to move. Urchin doesn't move through pass over. It's Goddess Daphne. The scanty ex-student discovered himself at the floor very quickly, his gams stretch, bulge unveiled thru his undies and her soles in top high-heeled slippers stepping in every single place him – particularly over his pink cigar and his face. He was once given a decision, which wasn't a lot of a decision however his ex-teacher requests it – both he cleans her boots up together with his tongue or he will get his nut sack stepped on. Soles and boots munching gave the impression of a much less torturous selection, nevertheless it was once nonetheless abjecting as he needed to do a supreme task of it ahead of anklebiter shall we him move.

Date: July 4, 2023